Work experience in hair solon

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Work experience in hair solon

By monicabrinlee [1 Post] 0 found this helpful September 26, Well I've turned 48 and am looking at the big I thought I'd get my hair done. I believe that everyone has to be given the chance to do what they were taught.

Work experience in hair solon

So I tried the beauty college. I went in and checked it out. I was impressed with how it looked and everyone was polite.

The next step was to make an appointment. So now mind you my hair is my trade mark, everyone knows me for my hair.

I'm not trying to sound stuck up. It's a small town, I am a bartender. I took a picture of the style of how I wanted my hair to look when it was completed. The young lady was watching and listening to me trying to understand what I wanted it.

I also told her I wanted a spiral perm. I explained that in the past it usually took 2 perms and anywhere from a hour to hour in half. This young lady was doing really well, but she had 3, mind you 3 different teachers breathing down her throat. The first one was one floor teacher, then the second to cover floor when the first wasn't there.

Then the great almighty teacher over all teachers. At more than one time they were all telling her what to do at the same time. Bless her heart she was ready to cry.

You now know the story. I feel like I know my head and hair better than anyone. The big teacher said that my perm agent will not work no longer than 20 minutes. That was 2 perms for 20 minutes to maybe 30 minutes. This is Thursday I got the perm, and I didn't wash till Sunday. In my opinion it looked practically straight.

I went up there to show them my hair. It was kinda funny because none of them jumped up to say how good it looked. The tension in the room could have been cut with a knife. So 2 perms, 20 minutes, spiral rods, no heat, three teachers none of them saying the same thing and a student who is just ready to cry.

As for my perm problem what can you tell me or help me with?I wouldn't allow them to perm my hair again.

Work experience in hair solon

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