Unimelb phd coursework timetable

Objective The objectives of this policy are to: This policy applies to:

Unimelb phd coursework timetable

The objectives of this policy are to: Scope This policy applies to all Academic Board approved University award and non-award courses, academic programs and subjects offered by the University.

Policy Course, program and subject approval 4. The Board is responsible for quality assurance of courses including: Deans initiate and develop new courses and subjects, and course and subject changes.

The policies and processes for the development, approval and review of academic programs are committed to and guided by the principles of: The subjects in a course, and the conditions under which those subjects may be taken, are those approved by the Board and published in the Handbook.

A bachelor degree must meet the requirements of an AQF level 7 qualification and: Each bachelor degree has course rules which are published in the Handbook. The minimum entry requirement for a bachelor degree course is the Victorian Certificate of Education VCE or equivalent. Particular subject area requirements, minimum and specific achievement levels, and English language requirements for each course are approved by the Board and published in the Handbook.

Majors and specialisations in bachelor degrees 4. Completion of a major or specialisation is required for completion of a bachelor degree.

Double majors the completion of the requirements of two majors may be undertaken in some bachelor degrees.

Unimelb phd coursework timetable

Details of the points required for majors and specialisations in bachelor degrees are specified in the course rules, as detailed in the Handbook.

Variations to the subject requirements of a particular major for an individual student may be approved by the dean where the variation will not compromise the academic integrity of the major. Changes to the number of points required for a particular major is not permitted.

Minors in bachelor degrees 4.

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Minors comprise 75 credit points of study with 25 credit points at each of first, second and third-year level; or Minors are not available in all bachelor degrees.

Core component of a bachelor degree 4. The core component of the course comprises subjects offered in fields of study encompassed by the bachelor degree, including from designated majors in the course. Breadth study in bachelor degrees 4. Subjects may be available as breadth in a particular course where they are outside the fields of study offered within the course core component.

The breadth requirement forms part of the course rules approved by the Board and is published in the Handbook entry for the course.

If breadth is required in a bachelor degree, the core component of the course comprises credit points and the breadth component at least 50 credit points. The remaining 25 points may be taken as either core component, breadth, or a combination of core component and breadth.

Capstone in bachelor degrees 4.To compete on the world stage, you need a world-standard education. At the University of Melbourne, you’ll gain an internationally recognised degree that will open doors to an outstanding future.

Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering and IT) — Melbourne School of Engineering

Our unique curriculum is designed to give you a wider understanding of the world beyond your degree. Time commitment details. hours, including contact hours. Additional delivery details. Students without prior molecular biology background or requiring a refresher will be given pre-reading and be required to attend a 3-hour workshop prior to the start of the PhD Coursework in Neuroscience.

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Conversion from Master of Arts to Doctor of Philosophy. If you are enrolling in a Master of Arts and thinking of converting/transferring to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) then you will need to undertake PhD Coursework Workshop, Elective 1 and Elective 2 before your conversion will be approved.

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