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Productivity level of afternoon shifts is less than morning shift employees Reason behind the decreased in productivity level in the department is due to following: Employees takes extended lunch and coffee breaks Leave few min early, specially afternoon shift Reallocation of temporary employees from different productive departments also follow the same practise after being in the packaging department for few days.

Treetop forest products ltd

Treetop Forest is experiencing many problems. Their productivity is decreasing and affecting the rest of the departments negatively. The unsupervised employees are slacking off, are not motivated and are adopting norms that are not fitted with the company. Inventory costs and the risk of damaged stocks are also increasing.

The quality of the appearance of the finished products is also decreasing, resulting in a loss in the market share in the industry, hence being unable to compete with other companies. Cause of the problem Social loafing is causing the decrease in productivity in the packaging team.

This tendency to withhold physical or intellectual effort when performing a group task [1] represents the slacking behaviours of the employees in that department. The lack of supervision is also one of the main causes of most of the problems stated.

It can be assumed that it is a larger group due to the tasks that need to be performed, which affects the group in many ways. In larger groups, friendships develop, participation decreases and disengagement increases resulting in process loss: Increase feelings of indispensability.

Treetop forest products ltd

Doing this within the group would motivate the employees. Increase performance feedback, so that employees will know how to improve themselves as well as knowing what they did well. To have a more structured environment, Treetop should hire and train a new supervisor only for the packaging department.

To reduce the overtime costs, limits should be put on the amount of overtime hours an employee is allowed to use, along with a deadline for a specific amount of products.

To avoid this situation, the goals could be discussed therefore increasing the probability of their achievement. Recommended Solution It would be recommended to implant supervision since it is the main cause of all the problems the company is faced with and because of the many effects it would have on the situation.

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The group needs structure and a supervisor would therefore help resolve most problems. Implemented Solution Immediately, communication should be improved between the departments to stop the unbalanced productivity.

This would resolve part of the inventory costs problems. Upper management should also put someone in charge of the packaging team.

Treetop forest products ltd

If costs of hiring a new supervisor are too high, an existing supervisor could be given more shifts. Although hiring and training costs are high, the company will benefit from this addition in the long-term.If Treetop Forest Products were to implicate these two simple theories there is a possibility that the packaging department would no longer be a harmful unit but instead an asset that Treetop can rely on.

Human Resource Management4 As a saw mill operation situated in British Columbia, Canada, Treetop Forest Products Ltd is managed separately from its headquarters.

The company has been on an operation for the last three decades, and it has 16 support staff and supervisors, one general manager, and unionized employees%(1).

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Treetop Forest Products Ltd is a sawmill operation in British Columbia, Canada, that is owned by a major forest products company but operates independently of headquarters. Get hitched up to a series of cables and zip from platform to platform in the tree canopy.

Swing like Tarzan all over the place just before you rappel in the forest! Treetop Forest Products Ltd is a sawmill operation in British Columbia, Canada, that is owned by a major forest products company but operates independently of headquarters.

It was built thirty years ago and was completely updated with new machinery five years ago. non-us companies lloyd's us companies landmark one ins co leenthrop farmers mut ins lenders protection assur co rrg leon mut fire ins co liberty american select ins co.

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