Syllabus planning

It should also allow student achievement to be measured against set standards. Your teaching program reflects the vision, direction and purpose of your school.

Syllabus planning

MBenson-Young must have content Algebra A screen recording of an instructor going over her syllabus using a web conferencing tool, demonstrating the various ways that she will incorporate UDL into her mathematics course TranscriptExpandCollapse [The video opens to a screen recording of the interface of a web conferencing system.

There is a small video window in the upper-left corner, in which we can see a female instructor self-recording the video feed. Below is a window showing Participants, and Syllabus planning that is a window displaying a live Chat feed.

To the right of these windows is a slide window, which is taking up most of the screen. Tuesdays and Thursdays from This is a short video, just a few minutes long, to go over what class is going to be Syllabus planning and to get to know me a little bit better.

My office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from The accompanying bulleted text reads: Algebraic notation; properties of equations; problem solving techniques; algebraic vocabulary. The goal of this course is to give you the algebraic foundation necessary to continue on in mathematics courses. Our course objectives, is first off to do well in this course.

And then again we also want you to understand algebra techniques and properties, families and functions, mathematical notation and vocabulary, as well as and what I think is the most important, is reflective thinking. And these will all be connected to the daily assignments. An accessible format of this text can be accessed through the office of disabilities.

Course web site; Slide presentations; Related web sites; Student contributions. An accessible format of this text, it does exist, can be accessed through the office of disabilities. We will have slide presentations. I will also upload those onto the course web site.

Weekly homework activities, in-class activities, small group work.

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Open-book quizzes 4 times during the semester; 3 problem-solving projects; Midterm and final exam. The assignments and assessments, always the, you know, most stressful part! So timing and scheduling, once again we have class Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8: There are also in-class assignments that are due by the end of class.

Now I realize this is an early class, so make sure that Monday and Wednesday nights are good nights for you. Be on time and be present. Take advantage of all the course material.

And last but not least, student expectations and responsibilities. Come to every class! Be on time, and be present; meaning, have your coffee and your breakfast.

Syllabus planning

I want each one of you to be successful; I want all of your learning styles to be honored and accommodated. And so that is what all the class materials are about. So thanks again, and welcome!

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From a UDL perspective, consider placing information about support systems, including accessibility, at the top of your syllabus. This ensures that students see the supports available and sets the tone that you want them to succeed.A multi-utility syllabus tracking and lesson planning software to automate course schedules, lesson plan, etc.

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