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International Institute for Labour Studies International Institute for Labour Studies World of Work report Middle income groups In the majority of advanced economies, the size of the middle-income group has been shrinking in the last decades, see Chapter 2, World of Work Report This trend has been partly attributed to job polarization, but also public policy and institutional factors have been found to play an important role. World of Work Report Worldwide investment has shifted from advanced economies to emerging economies over the last decade with an accelerating divergence since the economic crisis. Inequalities and crisis recovery The global crisis which erupted after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in has led to significant debate regarding the importance of adequate financial regulation.

Labour studies

It will be sustained by world economic demand, in particular in the new technologies sector, with the upturn in exports of semi-conductors that started inin financial services and retail sales.

Household confidence will however be kept buoyant thanks to the stability of the Singapore dollar pegged to a mainly US Labour studies weighted basket of currencies and a falling unemployment rate. Confirmed resilience of financial situation The budget situation for Singapore will remain very sound.

Inthanks to increased receipts by the sovereign funds, the country will continue to record a budget surplus whilst maintaining its expansionary budget policy.

In addition, whilst there is a high level of public debt, this is more than made up for by the size of the financial assets Labour studies by the sovereign funds.

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The bond issues are not used to finance the public debt but to develop a local State bond market and to support the Central Provident Fund, the leading Singaporean pension fund. Inthe current account balance will run a large surplus. Whilst the surplus in the balance of trade will increase, in particular thanks to the slight uplift in energy prices, this trend will be counterbalanced by a deterioration in the balance of services and income.

In addition the opening of the City-State, and the matching role as a regional and international trading hub, explains why the downwards trends in exports are mirrored by fluctuations in imports, and thus the constancy of the current account balance.

In this context, the level of foreign currency reserves will remain high at around 7 months of imports in Whilst the banking sector is exposed to property market risks, its granting of mortgages has been cautious and remains in line with the regulatory requirements: However, the levels of capitalisation and liquidities, the stabilising of bad debt levels, as well as strong performances in the resistance tests carried out by the Singaporean financial authorities would indicate that the banking sector will be resilient in Politics in Singapore are symbolised by stability and continuity with the PAP successfully maintaining its domination of national political life, credited with careful supervision of the active economic policies and the tranquil nature of the social milieu.

Governance in the country is also excellent, thanks to its effective legal system which facilitates debt collection, helping to underpin the business climate, near the top of world rankings.

InSingapore will hold the Presidency of the Association of South East Asian Nations ASEAN and intends, in this context, to work to improve regional security, reinforce economic integration to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the region and to promote collaboration in terms of innovation, and this in particular in the new technologies sector.

Labour studies

Finally, Singapore diplomatic efforts have been working towards improving relations with Malaysia. January Payment Cheques, cash and bank transfers are all frequently-used means of payment within Singapore.

Bank transfers, fast and secure, are widely used for international transactions. If there is no response from the buyer, a site visit and online searches are conducted to ascertain the operating and legal status of the buyer.

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If the buyer does not make attempts to settle the matter amicably, legal proceedings can be used to recover payments for goods sold and delivered in Singapore. It is, however, prudent to ensure that the buyer has sufficient assets to satisfy the debt before proceedings are initiated.

Legal proceedings Singapore is a common law jurisdiction. The High Court is a court of first instance, generally used for claims beyond the jurisdiction of the State Courts although the High Court is a court of unlimited jurisdiction and may hear any claim. Ordinary proceedings The amount of the debt claim decides which court judges the case.

Unpaid debts normally have a six-year limitation period. A writ action is initiated by the creditor and a summons served on the debtor within six months from the issue of the writ. This indicates his intention to defend the suit.A Social Sciences degree from Brock prepares you for a range of career options, and nurtures visionaries who will have great impact on advancing humanity and making the world a better place.

Industrial relations or employment relations is the multidisciplinary academic field that studies the employment relationship; that is, the complex interrelations between employers and employees, labor/trade unions, employer organizations and the state.


General Studies. Diploma in Labour Studies. The Diploma in Labour Studies provides a broad educational experience in labour relations and workplace studies, including courses in economics and politics of work, unions and labour relations, employment legislation, . Welcome to the Centre for Labour Studies.

The Centre for Labour Studies (CLS) is an independent, educational, documentation and research centre at the University of Malta which aims to. In the majority of advanced economies, the size of the middle-income group has been shrinking in the last decades, see Chapter 2, World of Work Report This trend has been partly attributed to job polarization, but also public policy and institutional factors have been found to play an.

Labour Studies is a dynamic field of study distinguished by its focus on work and labour relations. Work affects everyone and everything — Our work determines how we spend many of our waking hours and shapes our position in society, our health and economic well-being, and our self-image.

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