Important case studies

Aella Credit Case Study Aella Credit gains a competitive edge, improves identity verification, and grows from 5, tocustomers in several months. The organization provides access to credit to customers across Nigeria through an online loan-processing platform. Aella Credit uses AWS to support its loan-processing software and takes advantage of Amazon Rekognition for identity verification. Aftership Case Study Based in Hong Kong, AfterShip provides automated shipment tracking as a service, supporting shipping services worldwide and handling over 30 million packages every month.

Important case studies

But how did a few air mattresses on the floor of a San Francisco loft become the most widely-used anecdote for startup growth hacking?

I would never do this. It also serves as an example of an early stage startup doing everything necessary to get off the ground. In order to tap into this market, Airbnb offered users who listed properties on Airbnb the opportunity to post them to Craigslist as well—despite the fact that there was no sanctioned way from Craigslist to do so.

Though fairly straightforward in hindsight, the execution was anything but simple, as explained by writer and entrepreneur Andrew Chen.

For starters, because Craigslist saves listing information using a unique url rather than a cookie, Airbnb Important case studies able to build a bot to visit Craigslist, snag a unique URL, input the listing info, and forward the URL to the user for publishing—as Rishi Shah documented in the screenshot below.

The bot also had to fill out a handful of forms, the simplest of which was the Craigslist category. Region proved a bit more of a challenge since there are hundreds of different versions of Craigslist, some much more specific than others—for example, six sub-regions within a region for Important case studies Bay Area, yet one Craigslist for the entire state of Maine.

This means it was necessary to visit every Craigslist and scrape the names and codes for every region. Furthermore, there was the issue of the anonymous email assigned by Craigslist.

This function had to be turned off and replaced with a link to the Airbnb listing. Not only was it the sheer volume of potential users accessible via Craigslist, but the fact that Airbnb listings were far superior to the other properties available—more personal, with better descriptions and nicer photos—made them more appealing to Craigslist users looking for vacation properties.

Once those Craigslist users made the switch, they were more likely to ignore Craigslist and book through Airbnb in the future. Not only that, but those with properties listed on Airbnb ended up making more money on their listings, which kept them using the service as well.

Over the next weekend, Gooden built a site that used Craigslist email harvesting technology and mass mailing technology to target Craigslist users with vacation rentals. He then re-listed one of the properties on Craigslist, and within a day he received the following email: Image via Dave Gooden The next week he listed two more properties, and received two more emails.

The week after that, he listed yet another property, and received two more emails. One way in which this is apparent is with their approach the photographs on listings.

Important case studies

In the summer ofas the company was searching for new office space, Chesky stayed exclusively in Airbnb listings in order to gather firsthand data about the service. According to Gebbia, "The photos were really bad.

People were using camera phones and taking Craigslist-quality pictures. Hosts could automatically schedule a professional photographer to come and photograph their space. Bythat number had grown to more than 2, freelance photographers employed by Airbnb to photograph 13, listings on six continents.

Airbnb looked at the characteristics users valued and worked to engineer those into the entire site. Disrupting an Established Yet Stagnant Market When Chesky and Gebbia first advertised their loft-turned-lodging space and home cooked breakfast, they were promising more than simply a place to sleep.

It was this ability to deliver more than just a place to sleep that allowed Airbnb to disrupt the established lodging market in such a major way. Yet in order to really compete with hotels, they had to do more than just offer a better experience. A TechCrunch article on the startup, which was still called AirBed and Breakfast at the time, explained: Yet as one commenter pointed out, there is one drawback to Airbnb: When Social Connections is enabled, listings show the avatars of mutual connections—friends who have stayed with the host or are friends with the host.

Social Connections also allows guests to search for hosts based on other characteristics, like alma mater. Of Social Connections, Chesky explains: When the feature launched inChesky also claimed that there were already 16, connections among current Airbnb members—a number that has surely grown since.

Optimizing the Product for Engagement In the summer ofAirbnb redesigned the site around a new Wish Lists feature. The ability to save properties by starring them had been possible on the Airbnb site for a couple years, but the team wondered whether the function was optimized for maximum engagement.

As with listing photos, they began with a test and waited to see what happened.

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Design just after the Wish Lists launch. Rather than merely a place to search for accommodations, Wish Lists helped Airbnb to move toward a more engaging social discovery model. Airbnb was quick to email TechCrunch with the following corrections, which appear as an update at the end of the article: We have been assisting investigators and they have a suspect in custody.It can be tempting to trade sleep for a few precious hours of wakefulness, but it is important to consider the hidden costs.

Sleep is precious, too. Numerous studies have found that insufficient sleep increases a person's risk of developing serious medical conditions, including obesity, diabetes. Discover new things.

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Important case studies

But how did a few air mattresses on the floor of a San Francisco loft become the most widely-used anecdote for startup growth hacking? Early Growth. Learn how you can become part of the Johns Hopkins SAIS community known for being innovative thinkers and problem-solvers with the economic and policy expertise to .

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