Film analysis of the movie mean girls

Cady, played by Lindsay Lohan, moves to the USA and upon entering high school is tempted by the popularity offered by hanging out with the eponymous Mean Girls. Watch a video of this scene here.

Film analysis of the movie mean girls

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. They have returned to the United States after residing in Africa for 12 years for their research. Cady is unprepared for her first day of public high school.

The Plastics take an interest in Cady, inviting her to sit with them at lunch and go shopping with them after school. Upon realizing that Cady has been accepted into the Plastics, Janis hatches a plan to get revenge on Regina, using Cady to infiltrate the Plastics.

She also turns Gretchen against Regina by making her think Regina thinks of Cady as a better friend instead of her. In her efforts to get revenge on Regina, Cady gradually loses her individual personality and remakes herself in the image of Regina.

She soon becomes as spiteful as Regina, abandoning Janis and Damien and focusing more on her image. Regina responds by spreading the entire contents of her Burn Book around the school, inciting a riot.

Film analysis of the movie mean girls

To avoid suspicion, Regina also inserts a fake libel of herself in the book in order to focus blame on Cady, Gretchen, and Karen. The riot is eventually quelled by Principal Duvall Tim Meadows.

Norbury Tina Feywho also appeared in the Burn Book in which Cady slandered her by saying that she sold drugs, makes the girls realize that all of them are guilty of hurting their peers.

She has each girl confess and apologize to the rest of the girls. Regina storms out, pursued by an apologetic Cady, and gets hit by a school bus in her haste. Rumors circulate that Cady intentionally pushed Regina in front of the bus. Now without friends, shunned by Aaron, and distrusted by everyone at school, even being distrusted by her own parents, Cady decides to make amends by taking full blame for the Burn Book.

Though severely punished by her confession, her guilt dissolves and she returns to her old personality. As part of her punishment and her reformation, she joins the Mathletes, which Damien and Regina both described earlier as "social suicide," in their competition.

At the Spring Fling dance, Cady is elected Spring Fling Queen, but in her acceptance speech, she declares her victory is meaningless: As a symbolic gesture, she breaks her tiara and distributes the pieces to her classmates.

Cady makes up with Janis and Damien, reconciles with Aaron, and reaches a truce with the Plastics. The film ends with the Plastics disbanding by the start of the new school year: Regina joins the lacrosse team, Karen becomes the school weather girl, Gretchen joins the "Cool Asians", and Cady hangs out with Damien and Janis.

Cady reflects that the "Girl World" is drama-free.The early part of Mean Girls is like a mixture of Heathers () and Goodfellas (), complete with breezy, journalistic narration: The nonconforming outcast Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan)—not the. In the popular movie Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan plays a confused teenager struggling her way through high school hierarchy.

Her character, Cady, is a transfer student that finds herself in a place where everyone is categorized in some kind of group, whether it be jocks, art freaks, or something else. - Analysis of the Film Chasing Amy Chasing Amy is a movie that uncovers the hardships we find within the confusion of love and sex in our lives.

Sometimes the line between love and sex seems almost invisible, but the differences and complications of understanding that are quite clear in this movie. Misperceptions and corrections The recent release of Paul Verhoeven's Starship Troopers has led to a lot of online debate concerning the original book.

Some of the participants have made cogent points based on a thorough understanding of both the book in specific and the military in general. A Highly Scientific Analysis of MEAN GIRLS Get in, loser.

We're going science-ing. Given how much FYA quotes Mean Girls, refers to Mean Girls, and just plain ol' LOVES Mean Girls, it's kind of surprising that we've never really Can you really blame me for thinking LiLo's the weak link of the movie when she's up against Regina Motherfucking.

Nine Broadway productions played to percent or more capacity for the week ending April Four of those shows are new to the boards this spring: Mean Girls, which took in $1,, at the.

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