Essay om globalisering

Oct 04, Natasha Hurley-Walker rated it did not like it Full of cherry-picked statistics which totally gloss over the reality of unfettered capitalism. The point where I nearly threw it against the wall was this: The Chilean example demonstrates the possibility of development, even in this region. When dictator Augusto Pinochet's continuation of the old policy of inflation and central control sent the economy into free fall, he began listening to market economists instead.

Essay om globalisering

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There is now a flood of literature on the economics, politics and sociology of globalization, and regular commentary in the serious daily and weekly press. Virtually all of this discussion makes assumptions, and frequently explicit claims, about the novelty of globalisation.

According to one view, the globalisation is a new phenomenon that can be dated from the s. A second view holds that globalisation has a long history that can be traced back to the nineteenth century, if not earlier. The importance of these themes scarcely needs elaborating.

Yet they have still to attract significant attention from historians. This volume is the first by a team of historians to address these issues. Globalisation in World History has two distinctive features.

First, it offers a categorisation of types and stages of globalisation that existed before the late twentieth century, No such taxonomy exists at present.

Secondly, it emphasises a feature that the current debate greatly underestimates: Globalisation is much more than the 'rise of the West' presented in new terminology.

The contributors bring their expertise to bear on themes that give prominence to China, South Asia, Africa and the world of Islam as well as to Europe and the United States, and span the last three centuries while also showing an awareness of more distant antecedents.

The result is a coherent and thought-provoking collection of essays. Globalisation will become a major theme of historical research during the next decade; this book will help to set the new agenda.Tidsskriftet Dansk Sociologi er et videnskabeligt funderet sociologisk tidsskrift. Det henvender sig til alle med interesse for aktuelle samfundsmæssige spørgsmål.

Essay om globalisering

Landsbygdens globalisering handlar om den svenska landsbygdens omvandling i ett medialiserat, rörligt och symbolbemängt samhälle. Medier spelar en avgörande roll för landsbygdens framtid. Å ena sidan ökar medierna förbindelserna mellan.

Essay om globalisering

The investigation strategy used for this essay was to perform a case study on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Both primary data – such as a Globalisering Syfte: Generell fakta om den Islamiska Republiken av Iran Die doel met hierdie artikel is om Naipaul se skryfwerk in die 21ste eeu te verken as 'n kritiese siening van die postkoloniale verskynsel van globalisering as 'n kulturele en ekonomiese krag wat 'n ontwikkeling en gevolg van imperiafisme en dekolonisering is.

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