Computer addiction thesis statement

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Computer addiction thesis statement

Cather earned her undergraduate degree in biopsychology at Hamilton College Computer addiction thesis statement her doctorate in clinical psychology from Rutgers University, where she received specialized training in cognitive behavioral therapy CBT and behavioral medicine.

Cather has worked with Dr. Evins since to investigate the efficacy of combined behavioral and pharmacological treatments for nicotine dependence in smokers with severe mental illness. She has manualized treatments for enhancing motivation to quit smoking, smoking cessation and relapse prevention for this population of smokers.

She joined CAM as a research fellow inwhere she focused on identifying predictors of smoking cessation among those with schizophrenia.

Her research interests are understanding and improving the health and mental health of vulnerable populations, with a specific focus on addiction, trauma and psychotic disorders.

Bergman is a research scientist in the Recovery Research Institute within CAM, and a licensed staff psychologist in the hospital's Addiction Recovery Management Service, where he treats adolescents and young adults with substance use disorders SUD.

Computer addiction thesis statement

He also serves nationally as the secretary for Division 50 of the American Psychological Association Addiction Psychology. In graduate school, she was funded by a NIDA National Research Service Award to study the cognitive effects of cannabis and tobacco use among at-risk young adults using ecological momentary assessment.

She is currently conducting research based out of Boston-area high schools on the utility of contingency management interventions in promoting cannabis abstinence as well as the reversibility of cognitive deficits during 30 days of cannabis discontinuation.

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Keles is conducting research using multi-modal imaging to detect the effects of acute intoxication on brain function. He has received training in optical neuroimaging, electrophysiology, and nano- and micro-scale technologies. His aim is to apply his background in engineering to biology and medicine.

Keles focuses on the neuroimaging techniques to understand the acute and long-term effects of cannabis on the brain. In graduate school, she was funded by a National Research Service Award F31 from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to study racial and ethnic disparities as outcomes of drug use.

She also uses Item Response Theory to evaluate tests and measurements. His current research, supported by NIAAA and internal awards from Mass General, Harvard Medical School and Harvard University is seeking to better understand affective and psychophysiological factors that heighten addiction relapse risk.

Eddie is conducting research aimed at developing cutting-edge, mobile health mHealth interventions driven by wearable biosensors. Eddie, a licensed clinical psychologist, received his BA from Columbia University with honors in psychology, and his PhD from Rutgers University, where he conducted research at the Center of Alcohol Studies.

Chan School of Public Health. Her expertise includes data management, statistical modeling, survival analysis, and longitudinal analysis.

Haiyu applies her background in biology and applied mathematics to her research and has research experience in the regulation of gene expression during Drosophila early development. She currently works on three studies funded by the National Institute of Health designed to examine addiction treatment and mechanisms of behavior change.

Her research interests include early intervention and substance use treatment for at-risk youth. Her research interests include screening and prevention in schools, as well as substance use and co-occuring disorders.

He currently works as a coordinator for two studies, as well as the Recovery Research Institute. Her research interests include the commorbidity of substance use and mental illness, along with the influence of affect, specifically anhedonia, on smoking cessation. At CAM she works primarily with Dr.The Center for Addiction Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital delivers clinical treatment for substance use disorders, conducts cutting-edge research in addiction medicine and provides advanced training for addiction medicine professions in a multidisciplinary setting.

Major thesis statements: 1) Addiction is a vital condition of human functioning, as it determines one's interests, hobbies and ambitions; in this sense, computer addiction can also be to some extent useful for society, whereas unquestionably harmful for the individual.

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