Chapter 6 summary quick read for

They want to build a huge pipeline from south to north coast of Alaska! Historical Resource Exploration Alaskan territory was acquired from Russia in the late 19th century. It was primarily known for its source of Klondike gold fields.

Chapter 6 summary quick read for

Plot summary[ edit ] Chapter I: Joe[ edit ] In the first chapter, Joe is introduced as a disenfranchised twenty-year-old youth who is enrolled at the University of California during the Vietnam War.

After Joe realizes that with his grades he is going to get drafted, he hitchhikes to Yale Universitywhere he gets the name of a professor who may be able to get him across the border into Canada. After being referred to a woman in Boston named Gretchen, she helps him get into Canada, and he eventually goes to TorremolinosSpain.

While looking for a job and a place to stay, he takes over the ownership of a bar called The Alamo, and a man named Jean-Victor finds him a place to stay in Torremolinos. Once in Torremolinos, she loves it and finds a job as a waitress in a bar called The Alamo.

Here, a man named Jean-Victor finds her a place to stay, where another newcomer to Torremolinos, Joe, is already staying. Monica[ edit ] Of the main characters in the book, Monica goes through trials and tribulations as she transitions from living as royalty in a foreign country to being forced out and finally finding her way to Torremolinos to join the rest of the cast in the book.

She is introduced as living with her father in the Republic of Vwarda, where Monica becomes rebellious and begins to cause a stir in Vwarda's Royal Family.

She is forced out of the country and runs away with an airline pilot to Torremolinos, where she can live on her monthly allowance from her grandmother. She meets a man named Jean-Victor, who finds her a place to live with a woman from Norway and a man from the United States.

Cato[ edit ] The fourth character of the book is Cato; he is introduced as the son of the Reverend Claypool Jackson, a local minister in the area trying to salvage his community through his church. Cato Jackson is a sophomore at University of Pennsylvaniawhom the narrator meets at a drugstore where he stumbles upon a shooting of a local drugstore owner.

Fairbanks, he and Cato talk all night and the next day, after Cato's girlfriend is stabbed and killed. Cato then runs off to Torremolinos, where he finds shelter in an apartment with a few other runaways of his own age.

Yigal[ edit ] In the fifth chapter of the book, the character Yigal is introduced as the son of a dean at a college in HaifaIsrael. He is struggling to identify with either his parents and their life in Israel, or with his grandfather and his American life in Detroit, Michigan in the United States, and his other grandfather in England.

He is shuffled between Israel and America throughout his youth, and even fights and becomes a hero in the Six-Day Warbefore finally enrolling in Technion University in Haifa. After a few months he moves back to England with his other grandfather and begins to engage in a lot of reading and in conversations with his grandfather.

Eventually his grandfather suggests that he needs to spend some time away, and he suggests the south of Spain, and Torremolinos, as a place to go.

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Gretchen[ edit ] Gretchen is introduced as a very intelligent girl from Boston who, at the age of 19, has already completed her bachelor's degree, and is working for senator Eugene McCarthy 's presidential campaign.

After campaigning across the United States for McCarthy's nomination in Chicago at the Democratic Convention, during the riots she and the people she is with are falsely arrested. During the process she is sexually assaulted, but the policemen who did it deny it, and nothing is ever done about it.

Someone suggests Torremolinos, so she buys a yellow pop-top van and begins to live out of it in Torremolinos. Torremolinos[ edit ] At the beginning of the chapter seven, the whole set of characters are all in Torremolinos, and everyone is getting settled in with their various living conditions.

Cato and Monica begin a relationship, and some of the characters begin to experiment with drugs such as LSD ; they continue to smoke large amounts of marijuana and drink regularly. During this time, they go to Paxton Fell's house, a man whom a few of the characters were referenced to see in case of an emergency.

Fairbanks, who is in Torremolinos to supervise a real estate deal, end up partying with Mr. Fell and a few of his guests throughout the night. Eventually, during their stay, the characters are approached by a woman, Susan Elgerton, who tries to convince Cato and Gretchen to join her in the name of starting a violent revolution back in America.The Drifters is a novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning author James A.

Michener, published in by Random House. The novel follows six young characters from diverse backgrounds and various countries as their paths meet and they travel together through parts of Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Mozambique.

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Free College Essay Chapter 6 Summary, Quick Read for Judith Layzer. Congress annexes Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Range established by Fred Seaton of the DOI l Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

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Chapter 6 summary quick read for

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