Case studies for business management

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Case studies for business management

Reputed companies like Apple, Nike and Google foster an internal culture of secrecy and even leak information strategically to fuel public excitement before a product launch.

How companies listen to their customers Jun 3, Customer insight matters to every company. But how does a company listen to its customers? A few examples on how some companies — Apple, HP and Xerox listen to their customers.

Developers as Happiness Engineers May 30, Developers avoid being in a support role and make a big mistake.

Management Gurus and what they are known for Jan 20, There are many business leaders and management thinkers who have contributed and introduced various management theories or terms over the years.

It was termed as the the daddy of all ticket strategies. This article highlights some important elements of the ticket pricing strategy. Some got it right and some wrong. This article highlights various examples and gives insights into building a successful business model.

The TOP program at Philips Apr 5, Philips undertook various restructuring moves to improve the poor performance of the company in Changing company culture — Examples on cultural transformation movements Mar 30, How do you change the culture of a company?

Start a movement within the company. Here are a few examples on how many companies have initiated a movement or campaign to change the organization culture. A brand extension mistake by Harley Davidson Mar 12, In the s, Harley Davidson introduced a perfume to capitalize on the heritage brand.

This was a mistake, as even the loyal H-D customers did not like it. Pepsi learned a lesson and the product was quickly discontinued. To create or compete Mar 6, Companies today are stuck in the dilemma — whether to create or compete and are afraid that competitors will take away their market share.

This article distinguishes between creating and competing and provides some examples. Repeatability model for success Feb 27, This article highlights the three principles of the Great Repeatable model with examples.

Case studies for business management

Companies that adopt these principles can repeat their success, hence the name repeatable model. Many companies like Google and HP are reducing their product complexity to focus on key areas and speed up decision making.The Thunderbird Case Series (TCS) The Thunderbird Case Series (TCS) is the official case clearinghouse for global business cases and notes authored by the Thunderbird School of Global Management faculty.

Journal Mission The Business Case Journal was established by the Society for Case Research to publish cases and research related to case writing or teaching with cases. All cases and teaching notes are subject to editorial review, as well as to a triple blind review process.

ICMR is involved in business research, management consulting, and the development of case studies and courseware in management. ICMR also provides knowledge process outsourcing services to international clients. Over 10 million copies of ICMR case studies have been printed in international and Indian textbooks, workbooks and case study date: 14 Dec, A dominant player in the tire industry, Goodyear operates 50+ plants in more than 20 countries, and about 1, tire/auto repair centers.

An Imaginatik client since , Goodyear leverages Innovation Central both for collaboration around advanced technology and research concepts, as well as successful collaboration with partners and suppliers. SAMPLE CASE STUDIES – International Business Case Study 1 - Documentary Credit M/S Auto India Introduction M/S Auto India is a public limited company; they manufacture SUVs (sports utility vehicle), in technical collaboration with General Motors of USA.

The company has. Following the business case outline created by Prosci, you can present the rationale and approach for building an organizational change management capability—what we call Project ECM™ (Enterprise Change Management) in a structured and formal business case.

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