Alex sander case

External AnalysisPolitical There are no political factors at play in the case.

Alex sander case

Download this Case Study in word format. Alex Sander is proving brilliant and effective in certain areas of his career at Landon Care Products, there are certain areas of his leadership that needs improvement. Sander can only improve as a leader when these areas receive attention.

However, the indications of the case seem to suggest that this will be no easy task. Alex Sander appears to be the kind of person who is so obsessed with perfection that he dismisses everything else in its favor.

Ironically, this is not something that creates optimal success for the company. Indeed, all indications are that his followers will become so bewildered and so exhausted that he will ultimately indeed have to handle everything himself.

Alex sander case

He however appears to believe that his style is focused upon getting the most out of his team. One of the reasons for this self-deception could be the evident success of the products that Mr.

Sander launched within a single year at the company. He does appear to be aware that his quick temper is a flaw, but seems little inclined to attempt a remedy for this. Instead, he makes excuses for his behavior and indicates that there is little he can do to change it.

In addition to his temper, Mr. In addition, workers are also intimidated, overwhelmed and negatively influenced by Mr. This is an ineffective strategy as workers are made to feel that he does not trust them or acknowledge their intelligence. Interestingly, there were several positive comments about Mr.

He is for example generous with material rewards such as lunches and bonuses. Other compliments relate to his energy, his ability to learn, to work effectively, and to keep a pace that appears to be inhuman. From a more negative point-of-view, Mr. Sander is neither fair nor understanding towards his team of workers.

He expects of them the same pace that he is maintaining, claiming that it is all good for the company. He has even refused leave and planned holidays to workers he expected to be in the office for very long hours. While longer hours should make for more that is accomplished, it in fact does not.

Workers become demoralized and could suffer from increased stress and a basic lack of work satisfaction. These factors will necessarily influence the quality of their work. What Sander then regards as a minor flaw that helps him to get the "best" out of people in fact only serves to intimidate and demoralize them.

Indeed, he is not obtaining anything from Betsy, as he decided to do the work himself.A Day in the life of Alex Sander: Driving in the fast lane Fast Lane at Landon Care Products Introduction In the case âA Day in the life of Alex Sander: Driving in the fast lane Fast Lane at Landon Care Productsâ the authors Larry E.

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