Aeroponic farm business plan

RGH Business Plan for 3, sq. Greenhouse Executive Summary This Executive Summary outlines the plan to establish and operate a profitable farm and greenhouse enterprise. The owners of this entity are "doing business as" Nutter Farm.

Aeroponic farm business plan

Responsible for preparing financial reports, budgets, and financial statements for the organization Responsible for overseeing the smooth running of HR and administrative tasks for the organization Handles all financial transactions for the company Defines job positions for recruitment and managing interviewing process Carries out staff induction for new team members Responsible for training, evaluation and assessment of employees Oversees the smooth running of the daily farming activities across the various farming sections.

We know that if we get it right from the onset, we would have succeeded in creating the foundation that will help us build a standard hydroponics crops farm that will favorably compete with leading commercial farms in the United States of America and in the rest part of the world when it comes to cultivating organic and non — organic crops.

As a world — class hydroponics crop farms, we look forward to maximizing our strength and opportunities and also to work around our weaknesses and threats. Our strength as a hydroponics crops farm company is the fact that we have healthy relationships with loads of major players agriculture merchants in the agriculture aeroponic farm business plan both suppliers and buyers within and outside of the United States.

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We have some of the latest hydroponics farming machines; tools and equipment that will help us cultivate crops in commercial quantities with less stress. Aside from our relationship network and equipment, we can confidently boast that we have some the most experienced hands in the hydroponics crop farming line of business in the whole of Springfield — Illinois under our payroll.

Our weakness could be that we are a new hydroponics crop farming business in the United States, it might take some time for our organization to break into the market and gain acceptance especially from international markets in the already saturated and highly competitive agriculture industry; that is perhaps our major weakness.

Another weakness is that we may not have the required cash to promote our business the way we would want to. The opportunities that are available to us cannot be quantified, we know that everybody on planet earth eat vegetable and fruits which are our major farm produce. We are ready to take advantage of any opportunity that is available in the industry.

Just like any other business, one of the major threats that we are likely going to face is economic downturn. Another threat that may likely confront us is the arrival of a new hydroponics farm in same location where our target market exist and who may want to adopt same business model like us.

On the other hand, large- scale commercial hydroponic crop production still tends to be concentrated in temperate climates with all year- round sunshine, giving room for the best quality and highest profit margins. It is on records that revenue for the hydroponics crop farming industry has maintained positive growth.

This is so because in recent time, a growing number of individuals shifted to healthy eating and consuming organic produce, resulting in high demand. In addition, extreme weather conditions spoiled many crops for fresh field farmers, so grocery stores and farmers markets quickly turned to hydroponic farmers to meet their demand.

One of the common trends in the hydroponics crops farming line of business is that most players in the industry are no longer concentrating only on non — organic farming.

They now find it easier to run both organic crop cultivation and non — organic crop cultivation. It is fact that despite that organic food are expensive, the sale for organic food is on the increase and it is indeed profitable.

Our Target Market As you would expect, the target market of those who are the end consumer of hydroponics crops farm produce and also those who benefits from the business value chain of the agriculture industry is all encompassing; it is far — reaching.

Every household consumes produce from hydroponics crops farms be it vegetables, and fruits et al.

aeroponic farm business plan

So also a large chunk of manufacturing companies depends on hydroponics crops farms for some of their raw materials. In essence a hydroponic crops farmer should be able to sell his or her farm produce to as many people as possible. We will ensure that we position our business to attract consumers of agriculture produce not just in the United States of America alone but also other parts of the world which is why we will be exporting some of our hydroponics crops farm produce either in raw form or processed form to other countries of the world.

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Our Competitive Advantage It is easier to find entrepreneur flocking towards an industry that is known to generate consistent income which is why there are more commercial farmers in the United States of America and of course in most parts of the world.

For example, Statistics has it that there were 2. These goes to show that there are appreciable numbers of farmers in the United States of America but that does not mean that there is stiffer competition in the industry.

As a matter of fact, entrepreneurs are encouraged by the government to embrace commercial farming. This is so because part of the success of any nation is her ability to cultivate her own food and also export foods to other nations of the world.

We have done our homework and we have been able to highlight some factors that will give us competitive advantage in the marketplace; some of the factors are effective and reliable farming processes that can help us sell our produce at competitive prices, good network and excellent relationship management.

Our competitive advantage lies in the power of our team; our workforce. We have a team of hardworking and highly proficient farmers, a team with excellent qualifications and experience in various niche areas in the agriculture industry.

Aside from the synergy that exists in our carefully selected team members, we have some of the latest and efficient hydroponics crops farm machines and equipment and we will be guided by best practices in the 2 table; ag-vocacy; Urban Farming: DIY Aeroponics Maria Earth April 17, Commercial Aeroponics source: AgriHouse Aeroponic System.

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A Sample Hydroponic Greenhouse Farm Business Plan Template Industry Overview Hydroponics crop farming is line of farming that is classified under hydro – culture; it is a technique of cultivating crops by making use of mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without the support of soil.

Nothing is more critical to a new farm business than a good farm business plan. This is your roadmap to start-up, profitability, and growth, and provides the foundation for your conversation with USDA about how our programs can complement your operation.

A Sample Hydroponic Greenhouse Farm Business Plan Template

If you plan to sell the equipment to potential gardeners, grow plants to demonstrate the usage and outcomes of the equipment. Aeroponic Growing; Nolo; Start Your Own Business: 50 Things You'll.

FynbosFarm is a new hydroponics facility in South Africa. It will grow tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in hydroponic tunnels for export, and instant turf in the open for the local market.

aeroponic farm business plan

Edit this hydroponics farm business plan business plan to fit your business. FynbosFarm hydroponics farm business plan strategy and implementation summary. FynbosFarm is a new hydroponics facility in South Africa.

It will grow tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in hydroponic tunnels for export, and instant turf in the open for the local market.

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