50th day of school writing activity for high school

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50th day of school writing activity for high school

You may wish to make it the 50th day of school in the year beginning with January 1st. You may wish to count just school days or you may wish to count weekends and holidays as well.

50th day of school writing activity for high school

This makes it a very flexible day of celebration! These 50th day of school first grade activities will use children's natural love of large numbers to incorporate subjects across the curriculum. Preparations for 50th Day About a week before the day you have chosen as the 50th day, gather the students together and share a counting book.

Count to 50 by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's. Ask students what they know about the number Then tell them that you are all going to share a very special day to celebrate the number 50, including the years in the 's. Send home a note to explain to parents about the day and ask if the children may come to school dressed in '50's style clothes.

Suggestions for clothing may include jeans rolled up at the ankles and T-shirts for the boys and skirts for the girls, where you could provide poodle shapes cut from felt to pin on them. Also ask if the children may bring to school a collection of 50 objects.

Obtain some music from the 50's so that it can be played in your classroom on the special day. Make a very large number 50 out of cardboard and cut out the middle of the zero. Activities for the 50th Day Tape the large number 50 across the classroom doorway and invite your students to step through the zero.

Form a circle and have a look at everyone's 50's style clothes. For students who could not find anything suitable have on hand extra felt poodle shapes for the girls to pin on their sweaters or shirts, and maybe some brightly colored socks for the boys to put on over their own socks.

Gather together and read a book about Illustrated by Michael Martchenko. Invite each child who has brought in a collection to show and tell about it and then display the collections on a table in the classroom or in the hall outside the door. During this time, stop every so often and play some music from the 50's and invite the students to dance on the spot or around the room.

Throughout the day, you could serve celery pieces stuffed with cream cheese, or individual chocolate cakes — this was popular food served at parties in the 50's. Activity Centers Writing Center Provide paper with a writing pattern: Assemble all the papers to make a class book. Math Center Provide grocery flyers and catalogues.

Cut out from flyers or newspapers any number 5's or zeroes and use to decorate a piece of paper. Provide small blocks, pattern pieces, corks, pick-up sticks, etc.

Art Center Explain to students that Barbie was born on March 9th, Invite them to design a piece of clothing for her. Potato Head was born in the 50's. Draw a series of potatoes and on each one draw a different expression. Draw a picture of how you think you will look when you are 50 years old.

Perhaps you could have a class luau or make a Hawaiian craft such as a lei. History Center Provide a series of pictures showing people, food, fashion, events, household appliances, a jukebox, a record player, etc. Ask students to draw the equivalent in today's modern style.50th Anniversary Activity Book; “I felt having a college education was still better than having nothing but a high school diploma, and when I started I was unsure of myself,” Clarice says.

loved his work and students so much that he took personal time out of his day .

Preparations for 50th Day

"FREE's Day Emergent Reader Balanced Literacy, Writing, Reading Strategies Kindergarten, 1st How do you celebrate the 50th day of school?

This product includes an emergent reader text, predictable sentence, and Venn Diagram to celebrate the 50's. 50 Beginning of the Year Activities, Ideas & FREEBIES!. 50 Beginning of the Year Activities, Ideas & Freebies!

Great back to school writing activity for the first day! After reading the book, "First Day Jitters", students write about how they felt on the first day of school using emojis! Back to School Beginning of the Year Activities.

50th day of school writing activity for high school

Nov 10,  · I can't believe we're getting ready to celebrate the 50th day of school. It feels like we just started! We don't do much for the 50th Day (compared to the extravaganza on the th) but I like to do a few fun games during math regardbouddhiste.com: Peace, Love and Learning. Oct 26,  · Just wanted to share a pic of our 50th day of school!

We had a blast with our firsties!!! One of the funniest things ever was our "Bubblegum Blowing Contest"-what a HOOT!Author: First Grade Fever! by Christie. Back to School Worksheets & Printables. Bring a little playfulness to the first day of school with a classroom scavenger hunt.

Search for school supplies, make new friends, and have a blast in class. Learn about days, dates, and months with us! In this activity, children practice identifying and writing days and dates in August.

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